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GBR-12909 5MG
Gbr-12909 5mg
TC Probe, Gen. Purp., 24 K
Tc Probe, Gen. Purp., 24" K
CLEARANCE ITEM: ORIGINAL LIST PRICE OF LOWEST UOM - $71.77 — Multi-purpose foam container assembled in corrugated carton, I.D. 21 x 15 1/8 x 15 1/4
Clearance Item: Original List Price Of Lowest Uom - $71.77 — Multi-purpose Foam Container Assembled In Corrugated Carton, I.d. 21 X 15 1/8 X 15 1/4
Ammonia Nitrogen (Lr), Smart Reagent System
Ammonia Nitrogen (lr), Smart Reagent System
Clamp, Lattice
Clamp, Lattice
Hanging Bottle Holder
Hanging Bottle Holder
Holmium ICP, 1000 ppm in HNO3
Holmium Icp, 1000 Ppm In Hno3
Chart 8 0/30 7 Day
Chart 8" 0/30 7 Day
Tert-Amyl Methyl Ether 1mL
Tert-amyl Methyl Ether 1ml
Multistat Controller 115V
Multistat Controller 115v
BAY 11-7082 50MG
Bay 11-7082 50mg
Inoculating Loop 3 mm 26 Ga PC1
Inoculating Loop 3 Mm 26 Ga Pc1
Stopper Pressure Relief
Stopper Pressure Relief
Sodium Acetate 0.2M
Sodium Acetate 0.2m
100 ppm Tungsten for ICP-MS
100 Ppm Tungsten For Icp-ms
19sregulator Atpase Subrpt3 100ul
Vanadium ICP Standard
Vanadium Icp Standard
Lockout Pouch Kit, Deluxe Electrical
Lockout Pouch Kit, Deluxe Electrical
Gallic Acid Std, 500 ppm
Gallic Acid Std, 500 Ppm
Latrunculin A 100 UG
Latrunculin A 100 Ug
Strontium Chloride Hexahydrate For Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Strontium Chloride Hexahydrate For Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Stopper 4ml Polyet 00
Stopper 4ml Polyet 00
Sealing Caps Oak Ridge™ PP / Silicone 58 mm
Sealing Caps Oak Ridge™ Pp / Silicone 58 Mm
4-Picoline 1mL
4-picoline 1ml
Deep Tray, Low Form with Draining Holes, High-Density Polyethylene
Deep Tray, Low Form With Draining Holes, High-density Polyethylene
Lamp Abbe 3345 Model Ge *L
Lamp Abbe 3345 Model Ge *l
pH Storage Solution, 3.0 Molar
Ph Storage Solution, 3.0 Molar
Thomas® 1000 mL Adjustable Spray Wash Bottle
Thomas® 1000 Ml Adjustable Spray Wash Bottle
Elutrap Kits
Elutrap Kits
Acetate Buffer, for Aluminum
Acetate Buffer, For Aluminum
10ppm Yttrium ICP Std 100mL
10ppm Yttrium Icp Std 100ml
MultiGuard 20ul,Nat,CellRk,St,Low Bindng
Multiguard 20ul,nat,cellrk,st,low Bindng
1000ppm Lithium 0.2%HNO3 100mL
1000ppm Lithium 0.2%hno3 100ml
Teflon Stopper w / Septum
Teflon Stopper W / Septum
Spinbar® Garage
Spinbar® Garage
Poly U-Drapes
Poly U-drapes
Pipet Calibration Kit
Pipet Calibration Kit
Universal Spill Kit
Universal Spill Kit
Antibiotic Medium 10 500G
Antibiotic Medium 10 500g
Potassim ICP Std 1000ppm 500mL
Potassim Icp Std 1000ppm 500ml
Sure-Grip® EX Piggyback Corrosives/Acid Steel Safety Cabinets
Sure-grip® Ex Piggyback Corrosives/acid Steel Safety Cabinets
5000ppm Phosphorus in Oil 50g
5000ppm Phosphorus In Oil 50g
CD45 Tyrosine Phosphatase Drug Discovery Kit - A
Cd45 Tyrosine Phosphatase Drug Discovery Kit - A
Needle KF715 (15/2/2)
Needle Kf715 (15/2"/2)
CLEARANCE ITEM — ORIGINAL PRICE: $37 —Isolation Gown, Poly., Yellow, 2XL
Clearance Item — Original Price: $37 —isolation Gown, Poly., Yellow, 2xl
Acetylglycyl Glutamic Acid 25M
Acetylglycyl Glutamic Acid 25m
Conductivity Standard, 58,650 µS/cm (58.65 mS/cm) at 25°C
Conductivity Standard, 58,650 µs/cm (58.65 Ms/cm) At 25°c
Sash stop kit
Sash Stop Kit
Interference Check Std18 100mL
Interference Check Std18 100ml
Shark Skin Filter Papers for Technical Use
Shark Skin Filter Papers For Technical Use
Sulindac Sulfide 25mg
Sulindac Sulfide 25mg
Shelf Kit 5.1 Cu Ft Model Std Incubators
Shelf Kit 5.1 Cu Ft Model Std Incubators
Drv Shft / Cap Assay Hi Torq 100mm
Drv Shft / Cap Assay Hi Torq 100mm
Kit Bloodborne Pathogn Bagged
L-Ergothioneine 10mg
L-ergothioneine 10mg
Vacuum Gasket for Filter Funnels
Vacuum Gasket For Filter Funnels
Weight.Set Cert. 30Kg-1mg
Weight.set Cert. 30kg-1mg
3,4-Dichlorophnl 1000ppm 1mL
3,4-dichlorophnl 1000ppm 1ml
Ammonium Cal Solution, 1 mg / L (500ml)
Ammonium Cal Solution, 1 Mg / L (500ml)
Rapid Gram Positive ID Kit
Rapid Gram Positive Id Kit

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