Nital Etchant, 10%

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Part Number: C999W33
MSRP: $123.54
Sale Price: $117.66
Sale Price: $117.66
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Looking for a great deal on this Nital Etchant, 10% without a lot of hassle? Thomas Scientific provides a comprehensive catalog of the latest in equipment and supplies for the science community, offering top-end individualized customer service as well. Our low ship price of $117.66 on this Nital Etchant, 10% is 5% off what most suppliers would charge you - a savings of $5.88! Thomas Scientific has maintained an A+ rating with zero complaints from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1984, making us the most trusted name in scientific equipment. You can find extra deals on the equipment and chemicals you need by visiting our Deal Central - all the price specials we have in one place so you'll save more.

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