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Velp StirrersWheaton Autosampler VialsWilmad Labglass TubesWld-tec Burners
Restek Gas Chromatography ColumnsRicca Chemical Reagents FRicca Chemical Reagents NRicca Chemical Solvents S
Ricca Chemical Stains and DyesSge SyringesSigma-aldrich AcidsSigma-aldrich Gas Chromatography
Sigma-aldrich Standards HSigma-aldrich Standards SSimport BottlesSimport Caps
Simport Centrifuge TubesSovella CartsSper Scientific Timers and StopwatchesSpex Sampleprep Mills
Stoko Skin Care Hand HygieneThermo Scientific DispensersThermo Scientific Nalgene AccessoriesThermo Scientific Orion Ion Selective Electrodes
Thomas® Chemical KitsThomas® Thomas ScientificTrevigen Assay KitsTroemner Ambient Temperature Shakers
Troemner ShakersUline BagsUltra Scientific Solutions PUltra Scientific Standards C
Ultra Scientific Standards TUltra Scientific Standards VUnited Scientific Supplies Clamps/supportsVistalab Technologies Pipettor Tips
Wilmad Labglass Specialty FlasksWilmad Labglass TubingAcra Electric NorellAdvansta Western Blotting and Elisa
Agilent Technologies Chromatography StandardsAgilent Technologies StandardsAmresco RnaAmresco Salts
Amresco Stains and DyesArrowhead Forensics ForensicsAvantor - Macron Fine Chemicals™ AcidsAvantor - Macron Fine Chemicals™ Reagents P
Barnstead Water Purification DistillationBd ApplicatorsBeantown Chemical AcidsBel-art Products Spatulas
Bel-art Products TraysBio Basic Inc. BuffersBio Basic Inc. MediaBio Basic Inc. Sugars
Bio Basic Inc. Western Blotting and ElisaBiochrom SpectrophotometersBiospec HomogenizersBioworld Enzymes and Inhibitors
Bioworld Reagents BBioworld Reagents GBioworld Reagents SBioworld Rna/dna Isolation
Bird Applicator Inc. Bird ApplicatorCannon Instrument ViscometersCooper-atkins Non-digital ThermometersCorning Cell Culture Dishes
Corning Falcon«Corning PipetsCorning Cellgro SeraDiversified Biotech Containers
Diversified Biotech RacksDiversified Biotech Sealing FilmDynalon Beta Storage BoxesEberbach Blenders
Electron Microscopy Sciences Reagents DElectron Microscopy Sciences Reagents MEmd Millipore Amino AcidsEmd Millipore Solutions I
Emd Millipore Solvents PEmd Millipore Standards BEmd Millipore Water Quality Test StripsExaxol Solutions H
Exaxol Standards SExtech MultimetersFd Neurotechnologies Microscope SlidesGe Healthcare Affinity Other Columns
Ge Healthcare Cdna and CloningGe Healthcare Hic MediaGe Healthcare Multiphor Precast GelsGe Healthcare Protein Vertical Electrophoresis
General Data Healthcare MicrotomesGfs Chemicals Reagents TGlobe Scientific TubesGsc International, Inc. Motion
Gvs Life Sciences SamplersH-b Instrument Non-digital ThermometersHach PhHach Ph Electrodes

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