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Balsam Bottles

Do you need a trusted source of laboratory supplies and inventory such as balsam bottles At Thomas Scientific, we catalog quality products from the top name brand companies you have come to know and make it easy for you to buy them hassle free. We have several of these items available for your department or agency, with prices ranging from $176.99 to $176.99.

Brands for balsam bottles products: Wheaton Balsam Bottles

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Balsam Bottle

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Thomas ships over 98% of domestic orders for in-stock items the same day we receive them or the very next day. Shipping prices will vary and we accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX for secure payment over the web. You can find extra deals on the equipment and chemicals you need by visiting our Deal Central - all the price specials we have in one place so you'll save more.

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